Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed

The Photographers' Gallery

Anna Linderstam

Triptych: in unheard contradictions

College/University: UCA Farnham
Course Level/Title: MA Photography

Linderstam creates silent dramas. In constructed environments performative actions condensed into emotionally charged scenarios. The work aims to capture the elusive process of ‘becoming’ whilst simultaneously highlighting the subject’s act of ‘giving oneself over’ to the photographic gaze. In the work exhibited, hypnosis has been used to disrupt the subject’s reference to common habits and emotional patterns. With the help of a hypnotherapist, her sitters could be directed into a physical response through the power of suggestion. The body tran-scends what it is, becoming what it is not
Triptych: in unheard contradictions
Triptych: in unheard contradictions
Triptych: part 1
Triptych: part 3
The Lack of Sequence
Exaggerated Blindness: 1
Exaggerated Blindness: 2
Exaggerated Blindness: 3
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